John Williams trifecta: ACHIEVED.

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Review books in the mail -


Viewers also enjoyed hating themselves, rug burns on their eyeballs, and “I, Frankenstein”

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Weekend reading. What are
You reading?
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Saturday Chores #7, Saturday, July 19, 2014

When we arrived, the “Babies Are Murdered Here” people put away all their signs, stopped yelling at the people going into the clinic, and prayed for “Grayson’s wife.” Victory. 


This new Spoon track is perfect.

I concur

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Profiles in not wanting any more pictures tonight #cat #books

Profiles in exhaustion

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Salem mayor has put her money where her mouth is over local college’s LBGT bigotry

Earlier this summer, Kim Driscoll, the first female mayor of Salem, Mass., pulled funding from Gordon College, a small, Christian liberal arts school located outside Boston. The school had cosponsored a letter to President Obama asking for a religious exemption to his executive order to end employment discrimination based on sexual orientation. 

What Mayor Kim Driscoll did about it | Follow micdotcom

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Turning 3 tomorrow.
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Ernest hates Summertime, All the Cats are Bored by Philippe Georget.

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Possibly the best submission I’ve gotten for this tumblr.

I can only hope this is a Pocket mistake