This is how book reviews get written. (or not)

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“I want to be a revolutionary, but I love Amazon Prime.”
Custerism (A Manifesto of Doubt) by Rachel Wilkinson (via identitytheorylit)


Is the Web Driving Us Mad? by Tony Dokoupil - Who cares if it makes us stupid, does the internet cause insanity?

Sad as Hell by Alice Gregory - Is online life making us sad?

In Search Of Serendipity by Ian Leslie - Is the internet too good at giving us what we want?

The Information by Adam Gopnik - How the web gets inside us.

Cyborg Dreams by Tom Chatfield - Are gadgets taking over our lives?


Teddy Wayne imagines a short film from Amazon:

Two towheaded young boys, Timmy and Pete, are playing a first-person action shooter and a mobile-device game.

PETE: Yo, yo, yo, check out this awesome book that all the youths have been SMS text messaging about on their Amazon Fire phones!

TIMMY: Gee whiz—it’s that young-adult book featuring two male and two female junior-high students without parents in a future dystopian society who discover they have supernatural powers and some other things happen.

PETE: Oh, shucks: it’s outrageously priced at $14.99. That’s enough to make me never want to buy anything by that selfish book-length-content creator again!

Photograph: Kevin Dodge/Corbis

Did you know this Tove Jansson book is coming 10/14? You’re welcome. #books #moomin #moominonup

Lt. Basil



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Friday night.

John Williams trifecta: ACHIEVED.

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Review books in the mail -


Viewers also enjoyed hating themselves, rug burns on their eyeballs, and “I, Frankenstein”

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Weekend reading. What are
You reading?
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Saturday Chores #7, Saturday, July 19, 2014

When we arrived, the “Babies Are Murdered Here” people put away all their signs, stopped yelling at the people going into the clinic, and prayed for “Grayson’s wife.” Victory. 


This new Spoon track is perfect.

I concur

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Profiles in not wanting any more pictures tonight #cat #books